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Think about your options when a construction project goes awry

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2019 | Construction Law

Issues with construction can be difficult to deal with because often you are working on a large project that’s worth a lot of money. The last thing that you should have to deal with is delays or subpar work. There are many things that can go wrong when you are erecting a building. We can help you look into possible ways that you might be able to rectify the situation.

The ultimate goal is to finish the project without going over budget, even if that money is coming from expenses that aren’t directly tied to the project. For example, if the project is for your business, you might have a loss of income if you can’t use the structure or the area under construction.

We have discussed in the past many specific things that you might be able to do to ensure you hire a contractor that will get the work done properly. Sometimes, disreputable contractors are stealthy and might appear to be on the up-and-up. If you accidentally hire one that isn’t doing the right thing, we can help you exercise your legal options to remedy the problem.

You shouldn’t take too long to act if you are in this position because there can be time limits that could limit your eventual financial or other recovery. Often, problems don’t escalate to lawsuits and can be resolved or at least mitigated through negotiations, arbitration or mediation.

The first step is filing a claim for damages, usually with a demand letter to the defendant that is sent via certified mail. If that does not bring about the desired resolution, you may need to file a lawsuit in the San Diego civil courts.

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