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Issues with roof installations can produce serious problems

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019 | Construction Law

Having a new roof put on a building is sometimes necessary to help keep the interior of the structure protected from the weather. Failing to get it done properly and in a timely fashion can mean that the inside of the building suffers damage. This can be costly. While many roofing jobs are successfully completed, there are times when the contractor doesn’t handle things in the correct manner. They might use shoddy materials or might try to rush through the job and make errors in the workmanship. Unfortunately, these both mean that the building’s owner may have to deal with damage later.

Issues with the roof aren’t usually noticed easily unless there is a windstorm or rainstorm that makes the improperly done job noticeable. The person might notice rain falling into the roof of the attic or water trickling down walls. They might even notice shingles being blown off when there aren’t wind gusts strong enough to do that to a well-done roof.

We know that this is a challenging situation to be placed in. We will help you to evaluate the situation and determine what you need to do. You might have to take legal action against the roofing contractor in order to get the job redone properly or to repay you for the financial damages you suffered because of the botched job.

Determining a strategy to seek compensation can be challenging because we have to think about the specific circumstances of the case. We can’t always make plans based on what happened with another case since there might be seemingly small differences that have a large impact on the outcome of the case.

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