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Signs of a foundation issue that you shouldn’t ignore

On Behalf of | May 10, 2019 | Construction Law

The foundation of a building is meant to last the life of the structure. When there are issues with the foundation, there is a good chance that the entire building can suffer. In the most extreme cases, the structure might lean or fall.

There are several things that signal an issue with the foundation. Becoming familiar with them can help you greatly, whether you just had a new building erected or have moved into an older one.

  • Doors and windows that stick. When you notice that doors don’t open and close easily, your building might need to be evaluated for a foundation problem. Another issue to watch for is if the frames of those doors or windows separate from the wall.
  • Cracks in the wall. It doesn’t matter if these are internal or external, they all signal a potential problem. These can be possible anywhere, but be especially wary when they occur above doors or windows that are sticking.
  • Wallpaper lifts or nails pop out. Both of these signs signal very serious problems. While it might not be a huge deal if they occur in only one small area, more widespread problems demand immediate action.
  • Bouncing floors. If the floors in your home feel almost like a trampoline, there might be a foundation issue, but there could also be a problem in the basement or crawlspace that is causing a buildup of humidity.

Your next steps when you discover a foundation issue are important. If they are due to a contractor’s negligence, you may explore the option of filing a lawsuit in an attempt to recover your losses.

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