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Construction defects can bring down the house

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2021 | Construction Law

When it comes to building a home, California residents assume that building companies know exactly what they’re doing. Customers expect that they’re going to hand over their money and get a beautifully built, safe home in return. In many cases, this is exactly what happens. In other cases, defects become apparent over time, causing major structural issues with the home.

What are common types of construction defects?

Construction defects can happen either with the building or the foundation that the building was built on top of. A design defect happens when the architects or engineers responsible for the design of the building made a mistake during the design phase that resulted in structural defects occurring. When a home is being designed, precise and clear calculations must be used in order to come up with a building that’s safe for occupancy. If changes are made that aren’t thought out, this could result in a building that isn’t as structurally sound as originally intended. Those miscalculations can result in a building that could face collapse, resulting in financial loss and the possible injury of anyone in the building at the time.

Another type of construction defect is a material defect, which refers to issues with the types of materials used in the build. This could include bricks, wood, metal, concrete or anything else that was used to construct the home. If there are any defects in that material, the home could be in danger.

Another type of construction defect is poor workmanship. This is the type of defect that happens when the workers who worked on a home were not skilled enough to build it properly. They may have made mistakes that made the building structurally unsound.

Where can people go for help with construction defect issues?

People who are dealing with construction defect issues may benefit by working with attorneys experienced in this specific type of law. Legal professionals may be able to help homeowners with things like seeking compensation for their losses.

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