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Determining fault in crashes involving autonomous cars

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Recent Accidents

The state of California has given select automakers permission to test autonomous vehicles on its roadways. Although these types of vehicles are designed with safety in mind, they have still been involved in numerous collisions. The law is still unclear as to who is responsible for any damage caused in a collision involving a car that doesn’t have a human driver.

Who is responsible for a driverless vehicle’s actions?

In the past, automakers have expressed a willingness to hold themselves liable for the actions of their vehicles. However, the owner of an autonomous vehicle could also be liable for damages if he or she altered the car in any way.

Was the autonomous vehicle acting in a negligent manner?

It’s important to note that other parties are only liable for damages if they acted in a negligent manner prior to a collision taking place. If another person was at fault for the motor vehicle accident, they could be responsible for covering the losses you incurred. This includes financial losses such as medical bills and time off work during recovery, and the liable party might also be ordered to pay for damages like pain and suffering caused by the trauma of the accident.

After a collision, it’s a good idea to seek treatment from a medical professional. Then, it may be in your best interest to learn about the types of damages that you could be entitled to. A legal adviser might help file a lawsuit on your behalf before the statute of limitations expires. In California, you typically have two years from the date of an accident to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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