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Common construction defects in California

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2021 | Construction Law

It can be devastating to find construction defects in your new home. If you already have, however, you’re not alone. Construction defects are often found in many construction projects, and that’s why construction defect litigation is becoming common.

What are construction defects?

Construction defects are construction errors in design, workmanship, and/or construction materials. They can lead to construction failures, which may result in injuries or property damage even long after the project is complete. There are many types of construction defects. Here’re are some of the most common ones:

Design defects

This defect often occurs when the construction plans are faulty. These construction errors can manifest in any part of your home, including its foundation and framing.

Design defects may cause problems, like cracks, leaks or flooding after construction is complete. They often occur when construction designs have certain flaws that aren’t consistent with building code requirements.

Workmanship defects

These are often caused by the construction workers’ failure to abide by building standards or follow construction plans. Workmanship defects usually result in poor installation practices and construction errors that can lead to cracks, leaks and other construction failures.

For example, construction workers might have used inferior construction material or poor installation practices when installing drywall in your home. Other examples include improper painting techniques leading to moisture problems and construction of floors without adequate support beams, which results in cracks on the flooring surfaces.

Construction material defects

Construction materials play an important role in construction projects. Their quality can have a direct impact on your home’s safety during construction or after it is complete. A good example of these defects is the use of construction materials that have gotten exposed to moisture, or construction materials that are not of the right quality.

If you’ve recently discovered that your home has construction defects, there’s a high chance that they could have been easily avoided during construction. Remember that if construction errors are not identified and fixed during construction, they can have a major impact on your home’s safety, health and value.

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