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Vehicle Facts

Seatbelts: Why you should wear them

Study after study has shown that seat belts are the best protection from injury in an automobile accident. Consider this sobering statistic: Over 45,000 people were killed in auto accidents in the United States in 2002. According to the World Health Organization,...

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Texting and Driving: A recipe for disaster!

As the father of a teen-ager, I know how popular text messaging has become as a means of communication. Text messaging, or using a cell phone while driving, is a particularly dangerous practice that leads to many accidents and deaths every year. Consider these...

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How to avoid a bicycle-car accident

In 2008, 716 bicyclists were killed in traffic accidents. About 44,000 bicyclists were injured in traffic accidents in 2007. Despite these sobering statistics, cycling remains a very popular past time. A few simple guidelines can help avoid a bicycle car collision....

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Auto Makers agree to make electric cars noisier

I reported here last week about the danger to pedestrians from "quiet" hybrid and electric cars. Now, advocates for the blind and car makers have reached an agreement to impose minimum noise levels on the future manufacture of electric cars. The agreement was reached,...

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Bike crash!

One of the basic safety tips to avoid a bicycle accident is to ride with traffic, not against traffic. Riding against traffic can result in the accident known as the "wrong way wreck." A common cause of the wrong way wreck occurs when a car turns into traffic by...

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