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Did A Tool Accident Leave You Seriously Injured?

Small tools such as saws, drills and nail guns can cause serious and even fatal injuries. When an accident was the result of a defect in the tool or a safety violation, the injured worker can seek compensation from the negligent party.

Representing Injured Construction Workers Throughout Southern California

At the Law Office of Bryan R. Snyder, APC, we aggressively represent construction workers in cases involving construction negligence. We seek maximum compensation for every client, including the funds that can pay for medical care and make up for lost wages as well as damages for other economic and noneconomic losses.

Our law firm has experience in cases involving injuries that typically result from power tool accidents, including blunt force injuries, lacerations and eye damage. We want to help you get all the medical care you need.

Power Tool Injuries Involving Negligence And Safety Violations

The examples below illustrate the types of claims that are actionable under California tort law:

  • Example 1 – An equipment service company removed a safety guard from a saw. As a result, a construction worker’s finger was cut off.
  • Example 2 – A short in a drill shocks a construction worker, causing him to fall off a scaffold and suffer serious back injuries.
  • Example 3 – An employer fails to provide safety glasses and during a sawing operation, metal shavings fly into the eye of a construction worker, resulting in partial loss of vision.

In each of these cases, the injured construction worker has a negligence claim against his or her employer or another party as well as a workers’ compensation claim. In fact, in example 1 both the employer and the equipment service company could be held liable. It is important in third-party and safety violation cases to conduct a thorough investigation and to coordinate action on the negligence claim with that in the workers’ compensation claim.

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San Diego construction tool accident attorney Bryan Snyder has handled numerous construction negligence cases. He will work hard to obtain the best possible result for you.

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