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The Importance Of Working With An Experienced Lawyer

One of the most important parts of a San Diego construction accident lawsuit is dealing with an insurance company after it occurs. Construction sites have a number of overlapping policies that attempt to cover every factor possible for injury, and for the most part that is a good thing. However, that very aspect of a job site can complicate things enormously for someone who is looking for compensation for their injuries or the loss they sustained. Furthermore, these insurance companies often look for innocent statements and admissions given by the victim in order to reduce the compensation they have to pay out.

Let attorney Bryan Snyder represent you to these providers and prevent them from taking advantage of you while you are in a vulnerable position. His more than 20 years of experience representing injured people and fighting insurance company means that when you hire him to be your advocate, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. Furthermore, dealing with conflicting insurance companies and keeping track of various representatives can distract you from doing what you need to do most, which is concentrate on healing and getting back on the job as soon as possible.

Workers injured while performing their trade or on a job site may be entitled to workers’ compensation, but many injuries can be compensated outside of the workers’ comp system. Contact lawyer Bryan Snyder to review your construction accident case even if you believe your injury is covered by workers’ compensation, You may be entitled to seek financial compensation outside of the workers’ comp system.

An Attorney Can Find The Root Causes

An experienced lawyer knows how to find the facts in a construction accident claim. Bryan Snyder thoroughly investigates all aspects of construction accidents. His investigations often uncover causes such as:

  • Fatigue. Workers often have to labor in dangerous conditions under tight schedules, and as such become mentally and physically tired faster than people in most other professions. If you suffered an injury because you were made to work longer than you are legally allowed, you need to contact a San Diego construction site accident attorney immediately.
  • Unsafe working conditions. There are dozens of federal, state and local regulations that govern the work site safety procedures. When these rules aren’t followed and accidents occur, workers can sometimes take legal action to recover financial compensation for the losses they suffer.
  • Faulty equipment. Building and production work usually requires a wide range of tools and equipment that is sometimes not as safe in design or manufacture as it could be. If an injury occurs because of a faulty piece of equipment, you should contact an attorney to discuss your case.
  • Poor oversight. Serious injuries can sometimes occur because the people in charge of ensuring safety fail to do so, and then accidents happen.

By its very nature, a construction site is a dangerous place. Electricity, heavy machinery, noxious chemicals and hazardous conditions abound anywhere development takes place. When rules are not followed, or accidents happen, the victims can take legal action to pursue compensation for their loss and injury. Attorney Bryan R. Snyder is a construction injury lawyer committed to helping you.

Injury Accident Lawyer Bryan R. Snyder Here To Help You

If you or someone you love endured a work site accident injury in San Diego, you need to act quickly. Statute of limitation laws restrict how much time you have to take legal action after you suffer a construction injury in San Diego. You may be perfectly entitled to financial compensation for your pain and suffering, but if you wait you could miss your chance for justice entirely.

Fill out the free initial contact form, and get in touch with San Diego construction injury lawyer Bryan Snyder today. You can also reach our law offices by telephone at 619-752-1102.