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An Experienced Ally For Construction Disputes

Given the complexity and high cost of many construction projects, it is not surprising when a dispute arises over a construction defect, contract provision, inadequate plans, change order or the performance of a contractor. It is essential that a party facing such a dispute obtains experienced legal representation.

Attorney Bryan Snyder has extensive experience representing property owners, developers, construction companies, design professionals, homeowner associations and other parties in cases involving commercial and residential construction disputes. Mr. Snyder is aggressive, knowledgeable in the law and skilled at achieving satisfactory results for his clients.

The Law Office of Bryan R. Snyder, APC, an experienced San Diego construction dispute law firm, represents clients in all types of construction disputes, including:

In addition, we counsel clients regarding dispute avoidance and contract compliance matters, as well as their rights as a contractor or subcontractor.

Call Bryan today for all your construction legal and litigation matters at 619-752-1102 or 800-611-2581.

Achieving Your Goals, Efficiently And Cost-Effectively

Bryan Snyder has handled all types of construction claims and disputes, and recovered more than $30 million for his clients. His experience enables him to quickly evaluate the factual and legal issues in any case, reducing his client’s legal costs and laying the groundwork for a successful resolution of the dispute. Having developed an appropriate legal strategy, Bryan Snyder then works to achieve positive results through litigation, negotiation or alternative dispute resolution techniques.

Talk With A Lawyer Who Knows Construction Litigation

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