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A Strong Advocate For Commercial Property Owners

San Diego construction attorney Bryan Snyder represents commercial property owners who have suffered damages related to building structure, workmanship, code violations and toxic tort matters.

Is Your Property Defective?

Commercial construction has played a large role in the real estate industry of San Diego and construction defects are a common problem in the development of commercial property. Defects such as cracked foundations, cracked walls, leaking roofs and broken windows may be easily detected, while other issues, such as structural integrity and water leaks, may not be discovered until the property has suffered significant, costly damage.

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In Southern California and the city of San Diego, commercial property owners are required to disclose any known defects to buyers prior to the close of escrow. The duty to inspect the property for damages is ultimately the responsibility of seller. If any defects are revealed after the sale of the construction, the defects may cause the buyer to void the sale of the property.

For many buyers in Southern California, construction defect law is not always clear. But generally, if a buyer can show that the seller knew or should have known of a certain construction defect at the time of sale, there is a strong chance that the seller will have to pay for damages or reverse the sales contract.

Historically, there has been a significant amount of construction litigation over commercial buildings throughout San Diego. A construction defects attorney is the best person to review the specific circumstances of each case to determine whether or not there is a potential for litigation.

San Diego construction defects attorney Bryan Snyder focuses his practice on assisting clients in all aspects of their commercial defect and construction defect cases. Even if construction defects appear long after the sale of the property, the contractor, land developer or even real estate agent may be liable for the cost of repairing the construction defect.

If you are a property owner or manager of a commercial building in Southern California or San Diego and a commercial defect related to an original construction is causing a problem, be sure to track all the details with documents and photographs. The more detailed account you can keep of the potential defect, the better chance you will have to receive any compensation for the defect.

After you record and track the construction defect or commercial defect, it is important to hire a licensed contractor or repairman to perform any necessary alterations to the property. Avoid cutting any corners when it comes to hiring the best professional for the job. We can help you hire the best forensic expert to investigate the cause of the construction or design defect and determine the best solution.

If you are potentially seeking to litigate the matter with the help of a construction defects attorney, the likelihood of your recovery will be diminished if the work is not performed by a professional with a state license to fix specific types of construction defects.

When it comes to seeking recovery for a potential construction defect, most property buyers and sellers want to know who is responsible for fixing the damage. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not always clear. An experienced construction defects lawyer can review your situation to provide you with an idea of your legal rights and responsibilities as a property owner or seller.

Trust Your Claim To An Experienced Construction Litigation Attorney

There are many licensed attorneys who will handle construction defects cases without prior experience in the construction industry. Beware of attorneys who are willing to represent your case without having a track record in this area of law. San Diego attorney Bryan Snyder has been working in the construction defect industry for many years and can discuss the unique details of your situation to help you determine the best plan to protect your legal rights as quickly as possible. To schedule a consultation, call 619-752-1102 or contact Mr. Snyder online.