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The Cost Of Construction Delays

Construction delay claims are a common occurrence in the construction industry throughout Southern California and San Diego. A construction delay claim can easily jeopardize a construction project by raising costs and delaying a return on profit. With the amount of construction professionals involved in building projects, combined with variables such as material costs and weather, some construction delays are to be expected.

Experiencing A Construction Delay In San Diego?

However, parties involved in a construction delay claim generally have a duty to prevent issues that would cause an unreasonable burden to the other party. With that in mind, many builders and contractors try to mitigate damages during the building process at sites in Southern California and San Diego. A construction delay, despite efforts to minimize its effect on a production schedule, increases the overall cost of a construction project and may significantly decrease the amount of projected revenue.

If you are involved in a construction or renovation project in Southern California or San Diego, and a construction delay has substantially affected your overhead and profit, you may have specific legal remedies available to prevent further loss as it directly relates to the construction delay.

For attorney Bryan Snyder, the founding attorney of the Law Office of Bryan R. Snyder in San Diego, construction delay claims are a specialized focus area of his practice. A typical construction delay claim may involve changes to a project that is made after a contractor commits to performing a job with a specific time frame at a certain cost.

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Who Is Responsible?

Frequently, after a contractor wins a bid with specific time and cost parameters, an architect or owner will change the design or any other aspect of the project, which results in the project getting delayed. This often results in increased costs due to the delay, which can create legal grounds for a construction delay claim.

This scenario is repeated over and over again at work sites throughout Southern California and San Diego. A construction delay claim attorney will be able to determine who is responsible for paying the contractor’s cost increases based on the situation described above.

Attorney Bryan Snyder assists parties involved in a construction delay claim to determine not only who is responsible for the increase in costs, but also who is in the best position to cover the added expenses with the least detriment to overall project goals. Generally, parties will try to reconcile a delay claim to complete a project on time and within certain budget guidelines.

Because attorney Bryan Snyder has been handling construction delay claim cases for many years, he has practical knowledge of the construction industry. As a result, he is able to meet the specific demands of his clients with solutions tailored to meet the scope of their projects located throughout Southern California and San Diego.

The Experienced Advocate You Need

There are several things to consider when making the decision to hire a construction attorney. Before you hire a construction attorney, be sure he or she has hands-on experience with cases involving your particular circumstances. Although there are many law firms located in San Diego, construction delay claim attorneys are relatively uncommon because it is such a narrow area of the law.

Construction delay claim litigation requires specialized knowledge of the law, which can differ from region to region. Based upon his dedication to the local community and his longtime residence in San Diego, attorney Bryan Snyder holds a special interest for construction delay claims. He has specific contacts and firsthand knowledge of the local construction industry in San Diego.

By hiring an attorney with experience in a certain type of law and a specific location such as San Diego, construction delay clients will increase their chances of receiving the best legal representation for their particular matter. San Diego attorney Bryan Snyder is licensed to practice law in both California and Arizona, and he has resolved construction cases with circumstances that are unique to clients with projects in the Southwest and West Coast.

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