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Efficiently Resolving Construction Disputes

Construction disputes are a common occurrence among builders, real estate developers and property owners. However, they do not have to create the type of hardships that create grounds for litigation. If and when they do, it is important to have an attorney qualified in construction disputes on your side.

More Than 25 Years Of Experience On Your Side

San Diego construction attorney Bryan Snyder has more than 25 years of experience fighting for the rights of clients involved in the construction industry. Because the construction industry represents a narrow area of the law, few attorneys have the hybrid construction and litigation experience to handle cases both in and out of the courtroom.

While the ideal outcome of a construction dispute is to have both parties resolve their disagreement and mitigate their profit loss, this is not always possible subject to the particular circumstances involved. There may be specific terms of your contract that force you to resolve your construction disputes outside of the courtroom. However, there may also be certain situations that do not require mediation and are best handled with litigation.

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A Diverse Practice Focused On Results

While some attorneys may specialize in construction dispute resolution or mediation, San Diego construction attorney Bryan Snyder can handle your construction dispute at any stage, including during the negotiation phase or when warranted, litigating your case before a judge and jury.

With the amount of fluctuation in the construction industry, there are myriad construction disputes in San Diego. Construction attorney Bryan Snyder works with each client to determine the best course of action necessary to protect legal rights and preserve construction revenue. While some losses cannot be mitigated, construction attorney Bryan Snyder will do everything possible to ensure that your project does not suffer unnecessary setbacks as a consequence of a construction dispute.

A common scenario in the construction industry is for contracting bids to be accepted or negotiated at a rate that is different from the actual cost or scope of the project. While some changes are to be expected in a construction project, they should not result in construction disputes that would jeopardize the entire construction project or create delays that endanger the contract.

When construction disputes force businesses to a halt, profit loss is increased and the potential for litigation may rise on a daily basis as expenses pile up. If you are stuck in a construction dispute in Southern California or San Diego, construction attorney Bryan Snyder offers decades of legal experience that will enable you to enforce your rights and safely navigate your project away from unnecessary loss.

The Value Of Trial Experience

While many construction dispute cases are handled out of court, there is no guarantee that your case will be one of them. Because of specific time limits that bar litigation, it is imperative that potential plaintiffs file lawsuits in time period that is dictated by applicable law. If you do not file your lawsuit in a timely manner, you face the consequence of losing your chance to file for damages in court. An experienced construction attorney will be able to determine the success of your construction dispute claim and whether or not a complaint should be filed. He has a law office that is conveniently located near courthouses in downtown San Diego. His staff will work with you to set up meeting times that work best with your schedule.

San Diego construction attorney Bryan Snyder has the experience to know when and where to file the necessary documents to litigate a construction dispute if necessary. He has worked with multimillion-dollar corporations and has successfully negotiated settlements outside of court that have prevented costly lawsuits.

Licensed to practice law in both California and Arizona, San Diego construction attorney Bryan Snyder has recovered in excess of $30 million for his clients. He is a Master of the William B. Enright Inn of Court, which is a group of 25,000 lawyers and judges dedicated to upholding excellence in professionalism, ethics, civility and legal skills in courts across the nation, including San Diego.

Talk With An Attorney Who Can Protect Your Rights

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