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The High Cost Of Foundation Defects

A foundation defect presents a complex legal issue as well as a costly problem to a buyer or seller of land. A defective foundation causes a significant potential for home devaluation and hazardous conditions. Hiring professionals who are experienced in this area of construction can make a huge difference in protecting the value of your home or property with effective intervention to remedy a faulty foundation. Determining the cause of foundation defects requires thorough investigation and can assist a property owner who seeks compensation for the defects. However, the cause and parties responsible for a foundation defect are not always apparent.

Attorney Bryan Snyder Represents Clients With Foundation Defects

Foundation defect litigation represents a narrow area of the law requiring a high degree of knowledge in the construction industry. San Diego construction defect attorney Bryan Snyder has decades of experience helping clients secure the legal solutions necessary to financially and physically recover from dangerous foundation defects. Cases involving foundation defects are complex because the defect in the foundation may go unnoticed until years after a home warranty has expired and the duration of liability of a building contractor may be limited. By the time the defect in the foundation is discovered a developer may have escaped liability for his actions. Therefore, expert knowledge in foundation defect law is necessary to protect the rights of property owners. Foundation defects are costly repairs which usually require expert attention of inspectors and structural engineers. While foundation inspections can uncover certain defects in the foundation, not all inspectors are able to determine the exact cause of a defective foundation.

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There are many factors that affect the cause and severity of a certain foundation defect, including:

  • Condition of the original building site
  • Visible effects of building movement
  • Type of movement
  • Location of movement and or foundation cracking
  • Extent of movement and foundation cracking

If you or your home inspector has discovered a foundation defect, be sure to document the defect properly with photographs and written statements. Also research the credentials of the inspectors to be sure they are properly licensed by the state of California. It is also helpful to check references and determine whether or not the inspector has experience with foundation defects.

Many times, a homeowner insurance policy will cover the cost of a home inspection to determine what is causing the foundation defect. This process can expedite the repair of the foundation defect but a second opinion by another expert is often helpful in determining who is financially responsible for the defect. By speaking with a foundation defect attorney in San Diego, you will be able to receive knowledgeable advice and determine what the best course of action is in repairing a foundation defect and potentially filing a lawsuit against responsible parties. Whether or not you have a valid foundation defect litigation claim depends on several factors, including what information was available to the parties at the time the home was built or sold. These details vary from case to case because it is not always clear to determine who was aware of a specific fact in a certain time frame.

While it may be difficult to ascertain, information about whether or not a housing defect was discoverable at the time the home was sold can be achieved by evaluating things such as built-in access to the foundation or visible attempts to cover up a crack or foundation defect. With experience in San Diego construction defect attorney Bryan Snyder has helped hundreds of clients located throughout Southern California and also Arizona receive the effective and efficient resolution to construction defect matters. He is licensed to practice law in both states and offers more than two decades of legal practice to clients who are in need of an attorney to litigate a construction defect and foundation defect case.

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