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Understanding California Residential Defect Laws

San Diego construction defect lawyer Bryan Snyder is experienced and dedicated to representing the rights of residential property owners who have suffered a financial loss due to a wide array of building and structural issues, which may develop during and after the construction of a home.

We Help Homeowners And Homebuyers Protect Their Legal Rights

In California, San Diego construction defect lawyers represent both buyers and sellers in real estate lawsuits, particularly those which result in damages related to undiscovered or unreleased information about residential property defects. San Diego construction lawyer Bryan Snyder has recovered millions of dollars for plaintiffs who have been involved in litigation based on construction and residential defects such as plumbing and electrical defects, landfill subsidence, cracked slabs and foundations, pest infestations and mold.

Throughout Southern California and San Diego, construction defect lawyers commonly assist homebuyers and sellers in litigation of all types of residential defects that vary in scope and magnitude. According to property laws in California, construction defects in residential property may include environmental hazards resulting in costly and harmful problems involving the presence of mold, radon, asbestos, formaldehyde, hazardous waste and lead. California residential property sellers are required to disclose the presence of any known environmental hazards prior to the sale of the residential property. If you are a residential property owner and have any doubt about whether or not to disclose a certain construction defect, it’s best to err on the side of caution and disclose the existence of the construction defect or record of repair.

Residential property defect litigation is a specific area of the law and it may be difficult to find attorneys who specialize in this type of matter. However, it is worth the effort to find an attorney with experience in these types of cases because they have the knowledge and experience necessary to inspect the appropriate documents and prepare a successful case for the jury. With the amount of natural disasters affecting the state, there are plenty of precautions that homeowners should take to make their homes safe in Southern California and especially San Diego. Construction defect lawyer Bryan Snyder is available for consultation prior to the purchase or sale of a home to determine whether all disclosure laws have been followed.

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Currently, the law in California requires that sellers and landlords disclose any mold growth or mold contamination inside a home. San Diego construction lawyer Bryan Snyder frequently handles cases that result from a homeowner’s failure to disclose mold contamination. As a construction defect lawyer, Bryan Snyder is able to determine whether or not the mold in your home represents a defect that has legitimate grounds for litigation. He is experienced with residential defect cases related to mold and familiar with the types of circumstances necessary to provide a successful outcome for plaintiffs in the courtroom.

In addition to construction defects and environmental hazards in the home, California law also requires sellers to inform a buyer about earthquake hazards. Although the law does not require a seller to fix or strengthen a home for earthquake safety, it will increase the value of the home and may result in a higher selling price. Throughout Southern California and in San Diego, residential property owners must disclose whether or not the home is in a zone that is most susceptible to landslide and liquefaction hazards during an earthquake.

Many times, a construction defect may not be apparent until there is some type of disaster such as a fire, flood or earthquake that destroys the home. While some homes suffer minor damages, other homes without the same structural integrity may be completely demolished in the event of a natural disaster or housing emergency. By hiring a qualified and licensed inspector to locate any construction defects prior to the sale of your home, you will protect yourself against any unknown liabilities. However, construction defect litigation often results when ordinary precautions are overlooked and negligence instead of vigilance is involved. San Diego construction defect attorney Bryan Snyder is dedicated and experienced in handling these specific legal issues and will fight to protect your legal rights.

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