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Is Your Home Damaged As A Result Of Soil Movement?

Many homes, buildings or other structures are built on soil that either subsides (settles) or expands. Soil settlement is associated with structures built on fill soil. Fill soil is soil that is imported to the site to create a building pad. Although the soil is typically compacted during the development process, it can consolidate, or settle, after the development is completed. This soil settlement can result in the cracking of building slabs, floors, driveways, stucco, drywall, and can also make doors and windows difficult to open and shut. A building site not compacted properly can settle and move extensively for a number of years. Homes built on clayey, or expansive soils also can experience building movement and the same type of damage. The attorneys at the Law Office of Bryan R. Snyder have been involved in representing owners with soil movement claims for nearly 25 years, throughout California and the West. If you suspect that your home or building may be moving or incurring damage due to the underlying soils, we can help you investigate the problem, and to pursue the appropriate claim for resolution.

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