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Navigating HOA Disputes

Residing in a condo, town house, row home or any other type of residential property that is part of a Homeowners Association (“HOA”) has benefits and challenges. One of the common complaints about living in a common interest development is Board of Directors that unreasonably assess or penalize association members. Another frequent concern is associations that fail to properly maintain the association’s common areas.

Many homeowners feel helpless to challenge or combat their association board. Bryan R. Snyder has handled many cases for homeowners living in common area developments or associations. Having an experienced attorney who handles HOA law matters in the San Diego area can make all the difference. Moreover, most association governing documents allow for the recovery of attorney fees to the prevailing party.

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An Experienced Trial Lawyer Protecting Your Interests

The most common type of HOA law issue is when a member of an HOA has a dispute with the association board concerning common area maintenance or repair. These types of legal disputes can involve fines, assessments, repairs, maintenance and other disputes.

Our attorney Bryan Snyder has extensive legal experience, including handling HOA law matters. He can help negotiate and mediate a resolution for your HOA matter. He also is an experienced trial attorney and can represent you in court if the case should go that far.

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