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Construction defects in some homes built after Hurricane Katrina

After Hurricane Katrina, many homes were damaged from the storm, and non-profit organizations started rebuilding homes in the area. One non-profit organization, the Make It Right Foundation, build 100 new energy-efficient homes in one area where Hurricane Katrina severely damaged homes. 

What is the time limit for filing a construction defect lawsuit in California?

California law imposes deadline for when an owner can sue a developer or contractor for construction defects or design defects.   For residential properties, these deadlines stem from a law passed by the legislator in 2003, and known as SB 800.  This law sets forth different deadlines, that range from one year to as long as ten years.  Normally, the outside deadline for filing a lawsuit against a residential developer is ten years from the date of completion.

Los Angeles sues contractor over runway construction defects

The city of Los Angeles has filed a lawsuit against a construction company for a faulty runway at the Los Angeles International Airport. The runway in question is only five years old. The lawsuit alleges that that the runway has design flaws as well as flaws in how the concrete was poured. 

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