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Know your options for unaddressed soil issues in construction

There are many different things that you have to consider when you are going to build a structure in California. One of the very important points is the soil stability. If there is an adverse soil condition in the area, it would need to be addressed before you could build your structure. People who aren't familiar with this issue usually turn to a knowledgeable person to help them come up with a plan and execute that plan.

Soil conditions can impact foundation stability

When you have a house or other structure built, you assume that the contractor has taken proper steps to ensure that the structure is going to be stable. The last thing that you expect is to find out that there are foundation problems that could have been prevented if the area had been properly prepared.

Know where to turn for construction defect claims

There is never any reason for a person to be injured because of a construction defect. Contractors are expected to uphold high standards when they are building structures. When the contractor fails to meet at least the applicable codes, people who use the structure and even people who are just near the structure can suffer harm.

Contractor's license is revoked in Berkeley balcony collapse case

It's been just over a month since state regulators first revoked the professional license of the contractor who was responsible for constructing the Library Gardens Apartments. It was at this complex where six people lost their lives and seven more were injured after one of the unit's balconies collapsed.

Construction accidents are serious matters that impact lives

Construction accidents are very serious matters because the men and women who have to suffer through the physical effects often have multiple battles to face all at once. The injuries they suffer can result in them needing medical care, as well as them having to take time off work. It is often necessary for them to seek some sort of benefits so that they can continue to cover life's expenses while they try to heal.

Construction defects come from a host of issues

When you pay for a contractor to build you a home or any other structure, you expect that the structure will be sturdy and ready to withstand weather and normal usages. When the building doesn't perform as expected, you might be facing a construction defect situation.

Construction defects demand action

Problems with construction are a nightmare that nobody wants to deal with. When the problem is with your home or business, you can't exactly just walk away and ignore the problem. We understand that construction defect claims are related to what is often your biggest investment. We can help you to learn about the options you have for seeking compensation after a construction defect occurs.

California climate cycles likely to intensify

For developers and construction professional, the California climate cycle of drought followed by too much rain at once is a way of life. Builders have to accommodate for arid, dusty conditions and for the possibility of high rains, flooding and landslides, and construction defects can make the impact of such climate extremes devastating. Researchers note that this isn't something that is going to go away anytime soon. In fact, they believe that the swings in weather are only likely to get worse.

California weather and construction defects

You don't always see construction defects when you look at a home or property, and families or individuals can actually live in a home for years without realizing a defect is present. In California, one of the things that can bring a defect to the surface is weather conditions.

What should be disclosed during real estate transactions

Numerous types of disclosures are required by law in California when one person or entity sells a property to another. The goal of these disclosures is to ensure that buyers are fully aware of the condition and any issues related to a property. While one hopes any seller would be honest, that doesn't always happen. The law ensures that sellers don't try to cover up issues with a property in order to sell it or get a higher price.

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