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New high school stadium closed due to structural issues, cracks

Structural deficiencies and design defects have caused a brand-new high school football stadium to close, even though it has been open for less than two years. The community in Texas spent $60 million on the new stadium and no one anticipated any reason for the stadium to be closed to the public. 

Type of construction defect can impact time to file lawsuit

When your home or business has construction defects or design flaws, you can end up facing significant costs to repair the damages and any safety issues caused by these defects and flaws. What can you do to help pay for the damage to your home or business property?

Design flaws, defects lead to lawsuit in California county

When San Bernardino County agreed to an expansion project for the High Desert Detention Center in Adelanto, they weren't anticipating any additional costs to their set budget. The project added new beds to the detention center and increased the square footage to more than eight acres to address overcrowding in prisons. Despite the plans the county agreed to with the contractor, they've found out the hard way that construction defects and flaws can wreak havoc on your budget.

Dealing with builder over home defects can be difficult

Many families in California are interested in building their new home versus buying a home that was built several years or decades ago. As more new homes are being built throughout the state, some homeowners are finding defects in their homes despite only living there for a few months or years. 

Insulation defects lead to lawsuit against developer

When you purchase your home, you don't expect the property to be riddled with defects that can lead to expensive repairs, damage and stress. When developers are building a property, they are supposed to follow standards and build a property that will not have defects. 

Does your home have any construction defects?

Owning a home offers a sense of pride and accomplishment for many homeowners in California. When you bought your house, you probably were happy and excited about having a place of your own. Due to the excitement, you may not have noticed potential problems with your home that may have only gotten worse with time. 

HOA in California suing builder over construction defects

Can potential construction defects hurt the resale value of condominiums in California? That is the question many condo owners in Dublin, California are probably asking themselves right now. Many homeowners' associations for condos and townhomes in this city have filed lawsuits against the construction company for alleged construction defects. More than half the condos and townhomes listed in the Multiple Listing Service have pending litigation against the construction builder, which is unusually high for one city. 

Unfamiliar jobs by contractors increase construction defects

The recession has impacted the construction industry in several ways. Now that the economy is slowly improving, contractors are trying to get back into the swing of things. However, there are not as many construction opportunities as there were in the past so many contractors are working in new areas, increasing the risk of construction defects. 

Construction defects in some homes built after Hurricane Katrina

After Hurricane Katrina, many homes were damaged from the storm, and non-profit organizations started rebuilding homes in the area. One non-profit organization, the Make It Right Foundation, build 100 new energy-efficient homes in one area where Hurricane Katrina severely damaged homes. 

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