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Holding Negligent Property Owners Accountable

Premises liability scenarios are tragically all-too-familiar for a slip-and-fall lawyer: an exposed power cord trips you as you walk into an office; a careless shop owner fails to clean a wet section of a floor causing a devastating accident; a dimly lit stairwell provides a place for someone to lurk and prey on an unaware and innocent victim. As a San Diego slip-and-fall lawyer, Bryan R. Snyder understands there are many scenarios that can lead to a “slip-and-fall” or “trip-and-fall” accident lawsuit. A property owner has the duty and responsibility to ensure that people entering their property are reasonably safe and protected from serious injury or harm. When they fail to do so, and you suffer because of it, you need to contact a San Diego slip-and-fall lawyer immediately. Contact Bryan R. Snyder, a slip-and-fall accident attorney. If you are enduring pain and suffering resulting from a slip-and-fall, attorney Bryan Snyder will protect your rights.

Types Of Premises Liability In San Diego

Almost any situation or property can create the conditions that lead to a premises liability lawsuit, including:

  • Wet floors, unsecured power cables, sharp edges on counters, and faulty shelving in shops and stores frequently contribute to injuries from premises liability scenarios in San Diego
  • Poorly lit stairwells can hide carpeting or flooring or handrail problems, or worse, allow muggers or other predators an opportunity to commit crimes
  • Broken elevators or faulty automatic doors can virtually injure someone who is unaware of any malfunction
  • Slips and falls on broken, wet, or otherwise altered sidewalks and walkways can result in catastrophic injuries
  • Flaws in design of theme park rides or construction equipment can cause premises liability accident injuries as well

Any of these conditions, and countless others, can result in a serious premises liability lawsuit that would require the help of slip-and-fall lawyer Bryan R. Snyder.

Why Do Premises Liability Accidents Occur?

Slip-and-fall attorney Bryan R. Snyder knows that premises liability accidents occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes a property manager or owner fails to maintain their property properly and this negligence results in a premises liability injury often resulting in the need for a slip or trip-and-fall attorney. Other times, an owner or manager knows fully well that their property could cause a slip or trip-and-fall accident, and does nothing to fix the problem or actively tries to conceal it. Or, a hazardous situation due to electrical, chemical or any other condition could exist that is potentially harmful, and people who enter the property need foreknowledge to avoid such areas.

If you have been a victim of a premises liability situation, you need to contact a San Diego slip-and-fall attorney to discuss your situation.

If you or someone you know has been injured on a construction site, call 619-752-1102 or 800-611-2581.

Premises Liability And Insurance Companies

The insurance companies that cover premises liability cases in San Diego are often the first people who will contact you after a slip-and-fall accident. When they call you to take your statement, and you give honest and correct answers, you can sometimes jeopardize your case and cost you your financial compensation. These insurance companies will attempt to limit their liability in every way possible, and can take advantage of people who don’t know the legal system and think that they are just being forthright and doing their duty to advance their case.

Before you talk to any insurance company in your San Diego slip-and-fall case, contact Bryan Snyder. His over 20 years of legal experience helping people just like you gives him the ability to anticipate the questions insurance companies will ask, why they ask them, and how they could hurt your case. Letting him be your advocate can save you enormous headaches and help protect your settlement. And if you were injured in a trip-and-fall case in San Diego, the last thing you need distracting you is a long and protracted battle with an insurance company that cares more about reducing the amount of money they owe you than they do about your health and well-being.

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If you or someone you know was injured in a premises liability accident, you may have the right to seek compensation for your pain and suffering, loss of income, and medical bills with the help of slip-and-fall attorney Bryan R. Snyder. You must act quickly though, because statute of limitation laws restrict the amount of time you have to talk with a slip-and-fall attorney and file a claim.

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